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The company attaches great importance to the career development of new employees. We regularly conduct systematic, high quality and professional seminar for new employees, and hire external experts and professors and senior managers of the company as lecturers, so as to ensure the quality of the courses. After a long period of exploration and practice, we have formed a mature training system.

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Staff Training

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    FPGA Algorithmic Engineer    

Industry: wireless communications

Working place: Nanjing            

Contact phone (WeChat): 18362900262  Ms. Ren 


Post duties:            

1, responsible for the development of LTE base station RRU underlying algorithm , and the development and maintenance of DPD, CFR algorithm based on FPGA.           

2, responsible for the development and maintenance of FPGA communication interface, such as CPRI and JESD204B.            

3. responsible for the detailed design of FPGA software, code implementation, unit test and integrated test.            

4. assist the single board test and system connection of hardware and software products.

5, responsible for FPGA design description, software interface description, file writing,etc..



1. with rich experience in large scale FPGA development of communication products.Applicants with experience in the development of base station and radar algorithm will prevail.

2, with rich experience in the development of high-speed communication interface.  Applicants with experience in the development of CPRI, JESD204B interface will prevail.

3. with rich experience in digital signal processing, with profound theoretical knowledge

4. With more than 3 years of experience in the development of FPGA;can use simulation tools to simulate the model of wireless link, the algorithm and time series.

5, conscientious, responsible, teamwork spirit  

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